My Platform

Connecting OKC

Improving Infrastructure 

Improving our city’s infrastructure is one of my top priorities. As OKC’s Urban Design Commissioner since 2018, I have assisted with preserving unique characteristics of business overlay districts. In 2022, I was appointed to the MAPS4 Citizens Advisory Subcommittee on Connectivity.

Serving on this committee, I will help ensure the proposed projects for beautification, trails, sidewalks, traffic lights, etc are carried forward. Without a doubt, I am a strong supporter of MAPS4 and will ensure the proposed projects will be carried out to completion.


A pothole here and a crack there. Poor road conditions cost the average OKC resident nearly $900/year, and we’ve seen very slow improvement in our ward. Having worked with our city’s leaders in multiple positions, I know exactly what needs to be done to improve our roads.

We need new infrastructure for maintenance plans that promote long term sustainability to ensure longevity of our MAPS investments. As your city councilman, I will ensure our ward’s concerns are heard, and that our streets are fixed.

Protecting Police & Fire 

Oklahoma City's police and firefighters put their lives on the line for us each and every day, so I undoubtedly back the blue. As your councilman, I promise to never defund the police. I believe the key to ensuring fair treatment of all is the commitment of citizens and officers engaging with each other with well-rounded OCPD infrastructure. 

Our fire and police departments sacrifice their lives for us on a daily basis, and we need to ensure they have adequate protection when walking into danger. As your councilman, I will work with OCPD and OFPD to ensure our frontline works have adequate protections. 

Public Transportation 

Where does our money go for public transit? It’s obvious our ward is underserved by OKC’s public transportation systems, and we’ve never heard of it. I promise to expand and properly invest in EMBARK. I will also ensure we have a say in bringing the Bus RAPID Transit (BRT) to our ward, which can bring you to OKC within minutes.

This will connect our ward to other parts of OKC, reduce traffic, and prevent intoxicated driving.


Improving and creating sidewalks and bike lanes gives our ward more ways to travel around the city, especially to and from Downtown and North OKC. To ensure improvement for our ward, I support the BikeWalkOKC plan under MAPS4.

Tackling Homelessness

Continuous implementation of MAPS4 programs investing in truly affordable housing and transforming the mental health system of Oklahoma City is needed to eliminate homelessness. With Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather, our neighbors without homes are left to fend for themselves in extreme weather conditions. I will advocate for a focused strategy to expand emergency and temporary shelters in the Oklahoma City area.

Preserving Cultures & History

As a proud Vietnamese-American who immigrated to Oklahoma City after the Vietnam War, my passion has been to promote and preserve OKC’s unique Asian cultures. Having served as the President of the Asian District Cultural Association, I led the makeover and restoration of our Asian District (NW 23rd & Classen). I am committed to ensuring our city remains dedicated to preserving our diverse cultures.

As your councilman, I promise to be a strong advocate for every resident of Oklahoma City.

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